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Region 1 LIves!

Intertel Region 1 is working again! A new web page has been uploaded; check it out. Our new Regional Director, Bill Taylor sent a letter in August and an email in November to all the members in the region. Feedback has been light but they seem to have been well received. If you missed them or if you're in another region and want to see what Region 1 is up to, you can read them on the Region 1 web page. If you are in Region 1 and did not get one or both, update your information with Linda. Bill was surprised to have three of the letters and ten of the emails returned as undeliverable! In the future, communications from the region will be by email, not snail mail, so this is important if you want to be in the loop.

Region 6 Meeting!

Today the first Intertel Region VI-meeting - organized by Werner Thenée and Silke Goeldner - is starting. For spontaneus visits please contact Silke: or +49 176 80073348

Have a look at the program:

Best wishes

Report of the Intertel Election Committee October 7, 2009

Results of the election for Intertel President for the period January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012

A total of 385 votes were submitted by the Sept 30th postmark deadline.

Kort Patterson 285
Walter Wakefield 79
Abstain 1 [that's right, a member actually spent 44 cents to mail in a ballot with an abstention... only in Intertel :)]
Invalid 20 [No return address or otherwise unable to identify validity of voter]

Respectfully submitted this 7th day of October, 2009 for the Intertel Election Committee and signed by

Bob Crawford, Chairman, and Intertel members:
Leonard Sainato
Paul Erricson
Dave Gartoff
Marilyn Rothkin
and observer Dick Rothkin

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