Marie Faverio

I live on the South Coast of Australia (south of Sydney) with a handsome cockatiel, hatched in 2009, who is obsessed with me.

I was a gifted child, which of course had its disadvantages, particularly considering I was also a sickly child, so I was a double outsider and grew up very isolated.

I graduated with honours from the University of Vienna (and also hold other diplomas, for example a diploma in public relations) and am currently a translator as well as a poet, a writer, a puzzler, an artist and a self-taught musician. You can see my publications on the members' publications page of the Intertel website.

My poetry has also been published in Australian anthologies and read at poetry readings; my puzzles have been part of Ludomind contests and have been published in magazines. I also participate in art exhibitions at least once a year (on invitation), often with digital art if they are not local exhibitions. (They then print out my art and frame it for the exhibition.)

Since 2010 I am also featured in Who's Who of Australian Women.

I am also an autism advocate and was recently honoured with inclusion in the Autism Hall of Fame (in 2016)

I used to be quite active in high IQ Societies years ago. Apart from Intertel, I am still a member of PGS, the ISPE (Diplomate), TNS, Ultranet (full member) and quite a few other groups, although I am not active in all of them.

In spite of being a geek/nerd terribly in love with books (I think I have more books than any small public library), I also love nature and animals (the wilder the better!), apart from snakes and spiders (however, I recently visited the Reptile Centre in Canberra and even touched and patted a baby boa constrictor...). There is nothing like nature to find inspiration and peace. My dream is to live surrounded by nature one day, possibly in tropical North Queensland (like Port Douglas) in spite of the frequent cyclones in that area.

I also love to collect sunglasses and am an advocate for Asperger's Syndrome.

It is nice to see that there are people with so many different interests and passions in Intertel... :-)

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