Norm Dickinson

Norm is the Chief Operating Officer for Combined Management, Inc. ( a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization and member of NAPEO ( Combined Management outsources a variety of labor-intensive back office tasks for business clients that allow them to better manage employees. These services focus on human resources, compliance, safety, workers' compensation, payroll, benefits, risk management, employee retention and other related areas. The current plan is for Norm to take over Combined Management as the succession to the current owner when he retires. Norm started out as the IT vendor for Combined Management in 2001.

Norm is an old-school computer guru, working on computers since 1979. He currently operates a one-man IT services company ( in his spare time, serving over a hundred end users for a few dedicated business clients, and acting as the single point of contact for all of their IT needs. He formerly owned and operated a computer sales and service shop with 17 employees that featured state-wide, same-day service within Maine. With a knack for solving complex problems within complicated networked environments, Norm has worked with a wide range of clients, from paper mills to government agencies, and from private homes to Fortune 100 data centers. With Microsoft experience ranging from DOS to the latest Windows flavor, and hardware experience ranging from Data General MV-8000 and microcomputers starting with the Epson QX-10 and Radio Shack TRS-80, Norm has worked on everything from 8086 processors with cassette tape storage, to the latest generation Dell servers and custom-built Intel- and AMD-based workstations.

With hobbies ranging from scenic drives, spending time at the beach with his sweetheart, and watching movies, Norm still finds time to explore the digital frontier and cutting edge business environments. An avid Bitcoin miner and full node operator, Norm started a website with the intent to explain digital currency to the masses. However, when the fanfare died down in 2014, the site was quickly expanded to include various quick topics of interest and hobbies that could earn a residual income at, and he became known as The Maine Guru to those he worked with.

Born in February of 1966, Norm is a Fire Horse by Eastern Astrology and an Aquarius by Western Astrology, giving him some unique characteristics and a rare balance that creates a calm, independent and steady determination in all that he chooses to pursue.




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