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Area Coordinators

 Belgium Gino Vandenborne
 Brazil and Portugal Fabiano de Abreu
 Domagoj Kutle
 Ruslan Kalitvianski
 Roman Piontek
 Germany (Bavaria}Anna Geiger
 Germany (Hessen)Cristina Jacob
 Germany (Bremen)
Brandon Percle
 Germany (Lower Saxony)
 Srdjan Vukovic
 Luxembourg Brent Frère
 Ineke Stofmeel
 Southeast Asia
 Muhammad Ardhin
 Sweden Charlie Elgholm
 Switzerland Nissar Gabriel

Would you like to attend a Meet-Greet-'n'-Eat in your area? Here's how:

  1. Select a moderately priced restaurant in a central location and a Monday through Thursday dinner time. A private room isn't necessary, just reserve a large enough table to accommodate those who accept your invitation (it probably won't be more than a half-dozen).
  2. Email or telephone Intertel members in your area inviting them (your Regional Director will give you a list of members in your area); something like: "Hi, Member Name! I'm Your Name, here in Your City. I'm setting up a dutch-treat Meet-Greet-n-Eat for Intertel members and their guests at Restaurant Name, address, on date and time. (Feel free to bring a friend or significant other; better yet, a prospective member.) We'll meet fellow Ilians and have great conversation. If you can join us, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you!" Sign with your name, address, email address, and telephone number and "P.S. If you don't reply and your schedule clears, come anyway. We'll make room for you."
  3. Make a table tent with “Intertel” on both sides. (You can use this template: print on heavy paper, cut vertically, fold each half to make 2 tents.)
  4. At the restaurant arrive 15 minutes early, claim your table, and set the table tent so one side can be seen from the door. Introduce yourself as people arrive and facilitate introductions all around.
  5. Have a good time!
  6. Near the end of the meal, say something like: “OK! I did this one, who will do one in about three months?”
  7. Send an email to your RD with number attending, a photo if you took one, and who will be the next host.

Did you have a good time? Was it too hard? If you did and it wasn't, take a look at the Area Coordinator Job Description and try to persuade yourself to take it on. Please? We need your help and now you know it's not so bad!

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